At Dq studio, since our founding in 2017, we have established a standard of excellence,
specializing in improving images for both e-commerce and high-end editorials.

Our passion and dedication focus on fashion. This specialization has allowed us to perfect
exclusive techniques, ensuring results that not only meet but exceed our clients’
expectations. Our work is distinguished by its precision and attention to detail. Because at
Dq studio, every detail counts.

Our team has extensive experience and a deep understanding of the fashion world. Highly
trained and passionate professionals, dedicated to staying at the forefront of techniques and

At Dq studio, each client is unique. We commit to offering a personalized experience,
providing that each project truly reflects the style and values of the brand. Our goal is to go
beyond expectations, delivering results that not only stand out in quality but also drive the
success of our clients in the competitive world of fashion.

Dq studio: Where Your Brand and Our Magic Merge



dq.studio is a working community made up of producers, photographers, digital retouchers, video editors and client managers.

We are built upon individual and team growth, focused on fulfilling client needs and commercial interest and always pursuing innovative thought.

Our vision is to create a team which excels across all necessary skill sets te provide full e-content services. We are invested in active learning and the
independent professional journey of each member of our agency.

dq.studio is committed to the creation of a rewarding, nurturing and exciting workflow in which both the challenges and rewards of our professional opportunities are celebrated.

If you are interested in working with us please email an introduction and portfolio to cv@dq.studio

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